Little Delays Adding Up

I drove southbound I-170 today and was surprised to find that it was still just one lane from Galleria Parkway to Eager Road and Highway 40. As you may recall, the reconfiguration of I-170 was supposed to be a two week project finishing December 17th. On December 19th, MoDOT spokesperson Linda Wilson said she expected it to be finished by that weekend (Dec. 22 and 23). Now it’s December 31st, and the rerouting is not done. Thankfully, I don’t anticipate this would affect the shutdown, since the current lane configuration can easily feed to the new flyover ramp.

However, combined with the constant delays in the I-44 restriping (still not done as of yesterday), the real question is: do these small delays add up? With challenges in getting things ready for the shutdown, is there any hope that MoDOT can deliver on the promised times for completion? Perhaps MoDOT turned off those “Countdown to Completion” signs for reasons other than it was “confusing”?

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