Red Light Camera Law

As people avoid the Highway 40 shutdown via alternate routes off the interstates, they should keep an eye out for the increasing number of red light cameras. Legal questions seem to arise with the use of these cameras. Here are a few interesting tidbits from web sites:

  • — A very in-depth site on fighting tickets for red light cameras. However, this site is specific to California state law.
  • City of St. Louis Law for Red Light cameras. A notable difference from California law, which identifies the individual driving, is that St. Louis gives the ticket to the vehicle owner, regardless of the actual driver.
  • How long should a light be yellow? MoDOT says 4-5 seconds. For the gory details, see this page and scroll down to the table.

There have been efforts to standardize the laws for red light cameras at the state level, such as this bill which would, among other things, prohibit third-party companies from setting signal timings. However, I haven’t found any indications that these laws were passed.

What are your thoughts on red light cameras? Of course, these cameras are revenue producers, but do they also help with traffic safety?

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