Tamm Avenue Opening & Lane Shifts Revisited

MoDOGYesterday, the first small portion of the Highway 40 reconstruction project was completed. The Tamm Avenue bridge opened up to traffic six months to the day after the old overpass had been imploded. I attended the opening, and much of it was the mundane: the political speeches, the posing for the media, and the propaganda banner proclaiming “A Milestone Delivered” . However, there were some things that highlighted the uniqueness of the area: the unveiling of Bob Casilly’s reconstructed snake biting the bridge, turtle races on the bridge, a cute “MoDOG”, and a surprisingly poignant speech by Sunny Glassberg, who helped found Turtle Park.

At the same time, I was curious if six months of lane shifts had changed driver behavior around Tamm Avenue, which I highlighted several months ago in this video.

A summary of it all is in the video below.

By the way, the Post-Dispatch had a nice article in today’s paper about the overpass opening. It features a photo of my son keeping an eye on the wayward traffic on the highway below.

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