Latest Shutdown a Non-Issue?

The latest “major” shutdown of the Highway 40 construction project is the closure of the Westbound Highway 40 to Northbound I-170 ramp, starting tonight and lasting for 10 days. The past few major shutdowns have been non-events, with little to no backups nor any traffic tie-ups. What will happen this time?

A couple circumstances are different with this shutdown. For one, it doesn’t seem that the media coverage has been as intense. Only KMOV lead off their newscast with the closure on tonight’s evening news. Also, this closure does extend beyond a weekend and will include all rush hours next week.

If you do think traffic tie-ups are a possibility, check out alternate routes around the closure. In no-traffic conditions, the Brentwood alternate is the quickest, but only by about a minute. Let’s also hope that this ramp closure is a little better marked than last time.

In the end, will drivers think that this is another case of crying wolf and not change driving plans due to the closure? Or will this “major” closure turn out to be another non-event? Share your thoughts by adding a comment


On a related note, it appears that the Balloon Glow resulted in the annual traffic tie-ups heading to Forest Park. Any horror stories to share?

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