MoDOT’s “Map My Trip” Not Working As Advertised

If you’ve ever used Google Maps or Mapquest to get directions somewhere, you’ll know what MoDOT’s “Map My Trip” is supposed to do. Give it a starting point and ending point, and out will come turn-by-turn directions. What makes “Map My Trip” different, though, is that it is supposed to route you around road closures caused by construction in St. Louis city and county.

So, why, on this weekend of a major ramp closure from Highway 40 west to I-170 north, does “Map My Trip” tell you to take that closed ramp? As shown below, when given a fictitious route from Busch Stadium to near 170 and Delmar, the Map My Trip tool blissfully routes you along the closed I-170 ramp.

Sample Map My Trip route

There are many people nervous about traveling in the construction zones, and they are looking for guidance around closed ramps and roads. MoDOT has heavily advertised this tool toward those people. But if MoDOT can’t get it to work properly with such a big ramp closure as this weekend’s, I’d have to doubt the tool’s value at all.

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