Summary of Highway 40 WebCams and Photos

If you’d like to see how the Highway 40/I-64 construction project is progressing without venturing into traffic, here are a number of web-cams and photo galleries to give you a close-up view:

Kingshighway Web Cam Image


  • The New I-64 Web site — great high-quality shots of the Kingshighway intersection. Try the “time lapse” feature. Views of the I-170 interchange should be coming, but those cameras currently look into someone’s cubicle!
  • Fox 2/Science Center — a view from the Science Center bridge looking on Highway 40
  • Gateway Guide Traffic Camera — Choose the camera at I-170 to see some grainy construction shots

Photo Galleries

  • KMOV Channel 4 — Look for the “construction photos” links. One is a great photo gallery submitted by Don Galvin, spokesman for Gateway Constructors. (As a side note, Dan Galvin is a mountain biker! A full story on Dan was in a St. Louis Business Journal article.)
  • The New I-64 Newsletter — Check out page 2 of the just-released summer newsletter for a nice montage of photos.
  • Post Dispatch Historic Photos — Look for the “Historic Photos of Highway 40″ on the right-hand side of the page

If you know of other webcams or photo galleries, share them in the comments section.

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