Lane Shifts and the Loss of Common Sense

You can’t drive far on St. Louis highways today without encountering a lane shift due to construction. On Highway 40 alone, there are 3 lane shifts from Kingshighway to I-170. As I drive through these lane shifts, I can’t help but notice just how challenging it is for many motorists to stay in their lane. I suspected that if you were to watch traffic at one of these lane shifts, you would see many dangerous situations in a short time. Little did I know how true that would be. See the video below. . .

It seems that drivers are just not paying attention. They’re zipping down the road, following the car ahead of them, unaware of the signs for the upcoming lane shift. The next thing they know, they’re across the dotted line. We tend to assume that the lanes follow the seams in the concrete and asphalt — which typically do line up with the painted lines — but can we not pay a little closer attention?

What are your thoughts? Can anything be done to make these seemingly simple lane shifts safer? Share your ideas by leaving a comment.

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